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Cuisine of New Orleans

Whenever you ask someone what are the best cities to live in America, one of the most common answers will be , “New Orleans!” And we can understand why. From the great music, the friendly people, to the most sophisticated cuisine across the United States. The better question would be why shouldn’t you start looking for New Orleans apartments right now?

As we previously mentioned, there are various attractions in the city, but one that really sticks out is the local food. Everybody knows that the French are great cooks, and there’s a reason behind the saying that New Orleanians “live to eat”. If you’re someone who values a good, diversified menu then choosing New Orleans as your new home should be a no-brainer for you, since here you’ll find that the food isn’t just delicious, it’s unique in a lot of ways as well.

There are two main kinds of cuisine in the city. The first, and arguably the more famous one, is the Creole, which presents a one-of-a-kind mix between French and Spanish meals. Most of the dishes are based on traditional French recipes, but with a lot of ingredients added by Spanish descendants (such as bell pepper, celery and onions), as they became essential for all Creole meals, with the most prominent of them being the gumbo. Other cultures contributed to creating the unique New Orleans menu as well, as Sicilian immigrants added canned tomatoes that are used in various sauces, and the Caribbean inhabitants played their part by introducing cayenne pepper.

The Cajun food is an entirely different story. Even though French in origin as well, the creators of this cuisine were driven to New Orleans from Canada. The bulk of their menu consists out of cream soups and ragouts, while using pork, corn, game and shellfish as main ingredients for those meals.

As a result, the Mecca of jazz music offers such exquisite dishes like gumbo, jambalaya (rice paired with vegetables and meat), Etouffee with crawfish, Andouille and Boudin sausages and eggs Sardou. Every New Orleans apartment owner is obliged to try each of these dishes at least once, if he wants to count himself as a true citizen of this magnificent town. And since a lot of restaurants have their own way of preparing these dishes – be sure to visit numerous places, before deciding on where to spend your gourmet evenings.
If while living in New Orleans, you grow a little tired from all the classic dishes, there’s still a huge menu for you to choose from. You could try the Grits (corn porridge with chicken liver), blue crabs and fried squids, ravioli with mushrooms, oysters cooked in different ways, and list goes on and on.

When searching through New Orleans apartments, make sure that there’s a place that offers your favorite dishes nearby. The most famous restaurants in the city are the Criollo, Brennan’s and the Café du Monde (where you can buy the famously sweet beignets). Other than the beignets, another dessert you should definitely try is the Bananas Foster (consisting of bananas, vanilla ice-cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur.)

As you can clearly see, New Orleans has something to offer for everybody, no matter the taste. And with all the food being that good, considering a New Orleans apartment at Emerald Pointe as your future home is a must.

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