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Why We Love New Orleans

Why We Love New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant city with lots of culture and soul. With deep French roots, it is not surprising for most first-time visitors to say that the state feels more European American. If you are considering a move to a rental apartment here in New Orleans, you may be wondering what it is like to live in this unique city. Below is a collection of the top reasons why locals would never want to live anywhere outside The Big Easy.


Commonly known as “The Big Easy” and “The Crescent City,” life in New Orleans is different from the common hustle and bustle seen in many metropolitan areas. Located amidst the famous Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain on the south and north respectively along with surrounding wetlands, the town is just like an island of sorts. This unique fact has enabled the local customs and traditions to develop and grow over the past centuries such that New Orleans now has its own quirky character. 



A major part of this culture is showcased in the food here in New Orleans, known universally for its seafood base and interesting spices. From ordering cuisine right to your apartment or checking out the fine dining French restaurants and other neighborhood restaurants, there are plenty of options for the food enthusiast in the city. The tasty cuisine reflects all the eccentricities and diversities of this vibrant port city.



Architecture in New Orleans is also a sight to behold. From the old Spanish and French masonry buildings to the modern apartment designs and other distinctive buildings, there is a lot to appreciate about the unique design and workmanship on offer. You will enjoy seeing the popular shotgun houses, which were made to fit into the narrow lots. The wonderful volume and variety of numerous historic houses that create the New Orleans streetscapes offer a colorful and distinctive backdrop for daily life.



Of course, there is also the music, which makes New Orleans truly stand out from other cities. Even though jazz from this city is universally known as well the early masters of this art, nowadays these brass brands continue to get their day in the spotlight thanks to media coverage. If you are living in a rental apartment in the city, it is highly likely that you will encounter Mardi Gras participators in their brightly costumed gear as they parade on Super Sunday and Mardi Gras Day. They just create music to their own unique beat, the same as internationally known rappers such as Lil Wayne. Like the architecture and food, the music here in this pulsating city represents its rich culture and heritage. It is definitely worth renting an apartment in New Orleans. 


For more information, one of our favorite places to learn more about the city is www.NOLA.com.